custom deep pore cleansing

    Custom for your skin, if dry we will hydrate, if oily and clogged we will unclog, its off to changing the skin with professional ingredients that work! Extractions will be performed, and mask specialized for your skin type, this facial will keep your skin in top shape. For first time customers or if it has been awhile since last facial, 75min is best.

60 Mins $135

75 Mins $145



  Most advanced scientific treatment! This rejuvenating, age-defying ingredients targets structural damage in fatigued & aging skin. Awakenes dormant cell energy, accellerates metabolic function, minimizes the appearance of deep lines & wrinkles, restores volume while increasing resiliance. Mature & fragile skin in need of repair returns to healthy skin function and radiant appearance. A great facial for Events. Extractions if needed.

60 Mins 160

75 Mins $170

Custom men's Facial


This specialized facial addresses the specific skin needs of a man. Extractions will be performed to get the skin nice and clean. Products used will soften skin and promote hydration. A custom Facial for men, with or without facial hair....(don't shave 3 hours prior to appointment.)

 60 Mins $135


 Acne Treatment facial

The focus will be addressing mild to severe acne with extractions. High Freqency maybe used.  Education and at home care is key to healing. I have professional products that target acne to get fast results.  Years of acne training will kick start your healing.  75min is best for severe!

60 Mins $135

75 Mins $145


   Face LIFT W/ Micro Current

Strengthens muscles, firms skin, increases collagen and elastin production by 45%. Serums will be applied before the service, then vitamin C & E moisturizer after the micro current.

60 minutes is for Micro current only,

75 minutes facial with exfoliation & extractions.

60 Mins $140

75 Mins $150


Advanced EXFOLIATION (dermaplanning or microderm)& Hydration

   Starting with exfoliation Stainless Steel Blade, (DermaPlanning) Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation that consists of using a 10 gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. Sounds scary, right? It really isn't, as long as you're in the right hands. “ Then the mask used is clinically proven to repair barrier, increase hydration, reduce redness and plump fine lines.!

60 Mins $140

75 Mins $145



back facial

The back needs attention too! Because the back is a hard to reach area on our body, the dead skin and oil will often cause tiny bumps or even pimples.  I will use the ultrasonic tool with sonic vibrations to unclog pores. Extractions are done with ease after steam and a BHA mask. Chemical peels also an option.

60 Mins $145

 Teen facial

Teen facials are so important, getting a early start on skin care will lead to years of healthy skin.  Extractions after a long session of steam and hydrating products to help ease the discomfort . High Freqency and LED may be used.  Education and at home care is key for teens. I have professional products that keep skin clean.

60 Mins $135

 75 Mins $145



FACIAL w/ microdermabraison! One of a kind stem cell technology with Stem Cell extract and soluble collagen, 94% native match to own skins collagen. biomimetic delivery systems for deep saturation,  peptide &  anti-oxidant serums.  Polysaccharides from carob seeds accelerate the recovery of damaged skin a. Leaving skin vibrant and youthful!! Great for ALL skin types!

60 Mins $150

75 Mins $160


Vampire facial

free consult

The vampire facial, also known as the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facial, includes drawing blood from your arm, separating the platelets, and then injecting them into your skin via microneedling.

special offer,  package of 4, $800 off



Self neutralized Peel safe for ALL skin!!!

A peel that is formulated for all skin types. Leaves your skin soft and supple. Little to no downtime.  All customers will start with a level 1 and work your way to deeper levels.    3 days before appt stop any Retinols or acne creams.  New customers will get a consultation before time of appointment.

25 Mins $125