Which Facial Should I Choose?

I would recommend scheduling the facial that best fits your budget.  I begin with a consultation to determine the best course of treatment, and then proceed to address each of your skin issues.



What can I do if the time I want is taken?

Please email me and I will put you on my wait list.



Why Can't I Book A Facial, But I Can Book A Peel?

This means the time chosen is not long enough for the facial, but it is enough time for a quick peel.



Why Do I Get Your Voicemail when I call?

This means that I am with a client. Please leave a message. I am sorry, but I do not have a receptionist. 



Do you accept Credit cards?

Cash is preferred, because I am trying to keep cost down. But I do accept Visa, Discover and MasterCard. I DO NOT accept American Express.



Do I Need To Tip?

Tips are always appreciated



Should I Shave Before My Appointment ?

Shaving is not required, but if you do, please do so 3 hours before.